Vocational Opportunities

Our trained staff works with the individuals interested in participating in the vocational program to ensure thorough and safe work environments. We identify employer needs and match candidates based on abilities and skill sets to assure quality work and dependable service.


Able Tasks

  • General Assembly
  • Packaging
  • Sorting
  • Labeling
  • Recycling
  • Document destruction
  • Janitorial and grounds keeping

Our River Crossings facility is located west of Harroun Rd. and south of Monroe St. in a beautiful secluded area. The purposeful design of the space, includes lots of natural light that gives the feeling of a continuation into the wooded backdrop. All are encouraged to enjoy the park like setting of the large outdoor deck and paved sidewalks.

Our hope is to give interested individuals opportunities to take part in recreational activities while learning vocational skills and growing academically.

For more information regarding our program at River Crossings, contact Beth Baumert at 419-517-5560 or 419-866-9013 ext. 146.