Josina Lott Residential & Community Services officially opened its doors in September 1979. Programs at the time were not dissimilar to what they are today. Our team worked with individuals to learn everyday skills like personal hygiene, cooking, reading, writing, money management and eating/table manners as well as social and recreational skills.

Josina Lott Residential & Community Services started as the dream of a small group of parents, led by Fred Fleischer and his wife Judith over 30 years ago. From that spark of a desire for safe housing for their children, we have grown to where we are today: a beautiful park-like campus with two residential buildings, an Activity & Education building and Manahan Administrative office building. As people have been a part of Josina Lott Residential & Community Services - whether they were people receiving services, employees, board members, or interested members of the community - they have touched the lives of the individuals and many have left their mark on the campus itself. An example of this is the gorgeous gazebo which was a gift from the estate of a former board member and a friend of Josina Lott herself. Other examples include the sensory gardens behind one of the residences, and portions of the landscaped driveway island, which were both Eagle Scout projects.

From Birth

Judith and Fred Fleischer are fondly remembered as the "brick-and-mortar" that, along with other interested members of the community, established this organization.

"Fred and I believed that more needed to be done for adults with developmental disabilities when these individuals no longer 'fit' into the standard education system. So we developed a dream of building a residential home for adults," said Mrs. Fleischer. She added, "We wanted our children and others to be educated (like all parents wish for their children), and did not want them to go into an institutional environment." Because there were few choices in this area, Mrs. Fleischer said, "for a time we sent our son Dick away to school in Windsor, Canada, until we met Josina Lott who opened LARC Lane School in Toledo in 1962."

"Mrs. Lott was the person responsible for getting us started.” recalled Mrs. Fleischer. "She gave us the initial push by telling us, if you don't do it, no one will. Fred and I admired her and her work. Many still benefit from Mrs. Lott's wisdom and the standards and programs she helped develop." Fred Fleischer founded Colonial Builders with his brother, and was well known for his involvement in numerous fund-raising efforts benefiting people with developmental disabilities. Sadly, the Fleischers are no longer with us, but their memory and commitment live on at our facility. Our entrance drive is now named “Fleischer Boulevard” in their honor.

Josina Lott, a graduate of Ypsilanti State Normal University, originally intended to become a scientist or chemist. But after realizing that handicapped children were unable to attend public schools, she began to educate children, regardless of their mental or physical disabilities.

Lott was a pioneer in the developmental disabilities field. Mrs. Lott started Lott Day School as an experiment. Working out of her Old West End apartment, she taught one student with cerebral palsy in a basic curriculum. By the end of that year the class had expanded to four pupils, and in 1940 she moved her school to the Rosewood Presbyterian Church. Tuition was five dollars per week and the curriculum conformed to the academic standards set by the board of education.

She struggled through the years for support from parents and the community. As the school began to grow, Mrs. Lott turned her attention to teaching churches, local clubs, and civic organizations about the importance of educating handicapped children. Her efforts paid off. In 1945, with the help of parents and people interested in assisting the Lott Day School, classrooms were expanded and sheltered workshops for older students were developed. In 1959, the Lott School became part of the county school system and was renamed the Heffner School. Mrs. Lott remained the principal and continued her work as an educator and advocate until her retirement in 1968.

Mrs. Lott received many awards honoring her work prior to her death in 1973. In 2000, she was inducted into the Toledo Civic Hall of Fame.

Today Josina Lott Residential & Community Services is recognized as one of Northwest Ohio’s premier providers of services to individuals with developmental disabilities. This coupled with the challenge of modifying our services to an aging population keeps our focus fresh. We strive to remain a beacon of hope and support for those who need us.

The employees at JLC&RS are dedicated, hardworking and diverse. They work together as a team, build lasting relationships and consistently deliver quality services to the individuals and consumers we serve. Employees enjoy working here and choose to stay here because they feel they are an important part of what goes on at the agency. Some staff members have been here for over 10 years and have developed incredible relationships with the individuals and families.

Josina Lott Foundation is now a supporting organization of Josina Lott Residential & Community Services, which provides the actual services to adults with developmental disabilities through its residential and community programs. It consists of professionals from the community who contribute time and expertise as the board of directors of Josina Lott Residential & Community Services. Their work is of paramount importance as we could not operate as smoothly without their selfless commitment.

The people who are our greatest strength are the individuals that we serve. We all commit to excellence in order to foster ever-improving lives. From therapeutic relaxation in the hydrotherapy pool, to learning basic computer skills, to shooting some hoops in the gymnasium, each improvement provides purpose. They are warm and wonderful people who give far more than they receive.

To Growth...
Michael Malone
Executive Director