Community Services

We believe options equal opportunities. The community services program at Josina Lott increases the choices available to individuals living with developmental disabilities. By creating viable employment and recreation alternatives, individuals can gain independence and fulfill lifelong dreams. The community services staff is able to furnish the essential resources necessary for individuals to live in the community. Participants involved in the community service program are offered personal attention that allows them to learn day-to-day skills, which may include balancing a checkbook, making a pot of coffee or going bowling. This service provides the opportunity for those living with developmental disabilities to find their place in society while learning how to understand and maintain relationships. Throughout the course of the program, individuals are monitored and evaluated in order to establish goals and continue forward progress into sustainable autonomy.

People benefit from our community services program by utilizing Individual Option Waivers in addition to the Level One Waiver.

For more information regarding the community services program, please contact Beth Baumert at (419) 866-9013 ext.146.