Josina Lott


Set on 10 acres of beautiful land, Josina Lott Residential and Community Services is home to 32 adult individuals living with developmental disabilities. Let our website guide you on a tour of the very unique and special things that make Josina Lott a place of distinct character and charm.

“I like living at Josina Lott because I have so many friends here.”
Darryl Robinson, Resident

With over 230 social activities each year our individuals are very busy. Please join us! We love making new friends and spending quality time, outside of work, with you!

The July volunteer opportunities are now posted.




The Inclusive Miles members competed in the Starr Spangled Run, sponsored by Second Sole, on July 4th. Everyone improved their time: Justice 31:41, Kevin 41:14, Jenny 59:49 and Djuana 1:05:09. Last weekend we accepted the challenge from Wood Lane Residential Services and had more Feet on the Street! We took home the trophy! Race results are not posted yet but stay tuned, we will update you as soon as we know the results!



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